Tyler Appreciation Week ↝ Day #07: Why do you love Tyler?

His character development. Tyler has made a lot of mistakes over the course of the show, but he really is one of the only characters that learns from his mistakes. At the beginning of the show, he was a jerk who couldn’t pass up a fight. (We later find out that he is the way he is because of his abusive father and a dormant werewolf gene.) But later on he really did start to change. He wanted to change because he didn’t like who he was. In season 2 he eventually triggers his werewolf curse. By this point, his dad was dead and so was his Uncle Mason. He would’ve had to deal with the werewolf curse all by himself if it weren’t for Caroline. No one else bothered to help him. In season 3, the sire bond was his main problem. Once again, the team did not help him out and this time they even treated him like an enemy.  He thought it was something that he would just have to live with, until he hurt Caroline. By that point he was determined to fix himself. He went all the way to the appalachian mountains to break the sire bond, by breaking every bone in his body over a hundred times. When he came back successful, he helps the team save Elena from being drained of blood and take Klaus down. In memorial (4x02), he really took one for the team by getting shot by Connor - The same team that killed his uncle and turned their backs on him when he needed their help. Even though his ‘team’ doesn’t really care for him, he always helps them out anyway, because it’s the right thing to do. His main goal for the first half of this season was to help free all of the other hybrids from Klaus’ control. In a show where no one cares about the lives of people who aren’t in their little circle, I think what he tried to do was amazing. Instead of just going about his life and protecting only the people he loves, he tried to free and save the lives of people he doesn’t even know.  So basically, he went from being a jerk who couldn’t pass up a fight, to a troubled kid who really learned how to be a good person, to someone willing to do anything for the people he loves, to a selfless hero who tried his best to save innocent people’s lives. How could you not appreciate that kind of a journey? 

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 Tyler Appreciation Week ↝ Day #06: Wardrobe Appreciation

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 Tyler Appreciation Week ↝ Day #05: Moment that made you cry

There were a few Tyler scenes that made me want to cry but this was definitely the first one. I just found it so sad that even though his dad was a huge jerk, Tyler still cared for him deeply and was really upset that he was gone forever.

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 Tyler Appreciation Week ↝ Day #04: Favorite Brotp (2)

She saved my life. I almost died trying to break the sire bond. Hayley was there for me, she helped me get through it.

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 Tyler Appreciation Week ↝ Day #04: Favorite Brotp (1)

Listen, you were cool that day, at the wake. Thanks for that. I felt like kind of a freak show.

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 Tyler Appreciation Week ↝ Day #03b: Crackship

I didn’t know what they were gonna do to you. I didn’t. I just… I don’t want to be like this anymore. I’m sorry, Elena.

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 Tyler Appreciation Week ↝ Day #03a: Favorite Tyler Ship

She’s been there for me, more than anyone’s ever been my entire life. I kinda fell for her. I don’t know how anyone wouldn’t, because she’s pretty incredible.

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Tyler Appreciation Week ↝ Day #02: Favorite Tyler Quote (more of a speech really lol)

Back in first grade, I was a brat who couldn’t be bothered with team sports. Didn’t care much about anything that didn’t affect me. But he was the one who made me understand how important it is to be part of a team; a community. Of giving yourself up for the sake of-

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Tyler Appreciation Week ↝ Day #01: Favorite Tyler Scene

Omg this scene. Tyler could have easily just let Stefan or Damon come and save Elena, but he went ahead and tried to do it himself anyway. When Caroline was kidnapped by the werewolf pack, he hesitated. Now here he is, no hesitation, he saw an oppurtunity to set Elena free and he took it. Then Klaus comes in and he confronts him. Tyler is such a bamf in this scene. He confronts Klaus with so much honesty and bravery. Tells him he isn’t going to take his crap anymore… And that he really loves Caroline and that’s how he able to break this supposedly unbreakable sire bond. Klaus tries to tell him he did him a favor and he immediately calls him out on his BS. Tells him that he doesn’t give a crap about him and his obsession with hybrids just stems from his own loneliness. Then he helps Stefan and Damon dessicate him.

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So, in light of all of the TVD character appreciation weeks that are popping up all over the place (Stefan, Damon, Elena, Caroline, ect) We thought it would be nice to have a Tyler Lockwood Appreciation Week. Tyler really needs more love among this fandom and we are the ones who are going to give it to him. Tyler Appreciation Week will be from December 10th - 16th. 

Days Themes:

Day 1 - Favorite Tyler moment [Dec. 10th]

Day 2 - Favorite quote/song [Dec. 11th]

Day 3 - Favorite ship/crackship [Dec. 12th]

Day 4 - Favorite bromance [Dec. 13th]

Day 5 - Moment that made you cry [Dec. 14th]

Day 6 - Wardrobe appreciation [Dec. 15th]

Day 7 - Why you love Tyler [Dec. 16th]

Please feel free to participate in any way, shape or form; whether it be by creating gifs, graphics, fanfiction, fanvideos, or just simply expressing your opinion. This is something that we want to do to show our LOVE for the character. So please do not use this as an excuse to spread more hate, this is supposed to be a positive and fun way to show our love for the characters and the show. We will also be using the tag #TAW12 for these posts. So please if you are going to participate use that tag, and we will be reblogging all of posts right here, also using that tag. So join in on the fun!

*We do not want to intrude on any other characters assigned week, so if anyone is aware of a different character who has already been assigned to this week, please let us know immediately, and we will change it, it’s just been a little hard to keep track of what characters have already been assigned*

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